Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kodas 5th Birthday!!

Today was Kodas 5th birthday. We went to the cabin over the weekend, and then came home and had a party with some of my family..Thanks Uncle Tanner, Aunt Becky, Zack, Levi, Grandma, and Papa for coming to my party it was really fun!!! He really loves hotwheels!! I can't believe he's five...what a cutie!! While we were cutting the cake Aunt Becky told you to smell the cake to see if it smelled like an orange, while you were smelling it she pushed your face in thought it was so funny!!

The Deer Hunt!!

So I really really hate putting pictures of me on here but I figured that I would post this one of the deer I shot this year. It is a 4 by 3 and is 17 1/2 inches wide. I shot it from 232 yards away with ONE shot!! At first I wasn't sure if I hit it, I saw it jump when I shot but I wasn't sure if I just scared it or if I really did hit it, so we waited for a few minutes and hiked over to where I shot it, and we didn't see and blood so I figured I had missed it, but Josh insisted that we follow where we thought he ran, and about 40 yards over the ridge Josh happened to see some blood on a leaf so we followed the trail, even though it was very little blood, we decided to sit and wait for awhile to see if it would just lay down somewhere and die, instead of tracking it all over the mountain, so we sat for about fourty minutes, decide to get up and see if we could find it, and sure enough it was only about 15 feet from where we sat and waited for 40 minutes, we just couldn't see it from where we were sitting!!! I was really excited that I shot it with one bullet!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today was Josh's Birthday...We had a really good day, the kids and I got up early and started making breakfast for Josh..but he got up before we were able to give it to him in bed...OH well it was still fun we made french toast with strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream, which is Josh's favorite breakfast, then we listened to conference with the kids and played a bingo game with them...during that time I finished painting M'Tali's room...I have a few things to touch up but it turned out really cute...I'll post pictures when i get it all done...then we went to his sister house for dinner...thanks Brooke for having us...we had a wonderful time. Josh doesn't know this but I also got him his favorite cheese cake...which we will have to have tomorrow cuz we are so stuffed....Josh, I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate you...I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that all you wishes come true..I love you tonz sweetheart!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!