Friday, December 26, 2008

Dakoda is going to be a BIG brother!!

YUP!! You read it right Dakoda is going to be a big brother. Baby #4 is due this June. We are so excited, after a miscarriage almost three years ago and two years of trying to get pregnant, we gave up and thought that we were done with the 3, but I guess not. I guess someone else had different plans for us:)

Merry Christmas!!!

We all had a wonderful christmas, the kids got a ton of stuff.
Santa brought M'Tali ski lessons for sundance.
He brought Dallin a Nintendo DS and a few games
And Koda got a new bike and helmet.
We got them clothes cuz that is what they needed, Dallin goes through pants so fast I swear I buy them everyother month

M'Tali is growing so fast that none of her pants fit her anymore, so we got her a few pairs.

Koda loves his new BIG boy bike, he learned to ride without training wheels this last summer and has been riding M'Tali and Dallins bike so he was excited when santa got him a bike....and not just any bike a Tony Hawk bike.!!!

We are so tired!!

Oh ya and did I mention that we had to go wake them up at nine in the morning, I can't believe they slept in till then...It was so nice

Making Gingerbread houses

Every year we make gingerbread houses with Josh's family it is a ton of fun and the kids absolutely love it. It has turned into such a fun tradition!!
Dallin's Gingerbread house

M'Tali had a ton of fun decorating her gingerbread house
Koda wanted so much candy on his its hard to see the house!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday M'Tali

Yesterday was M'Tali's 10th birthday, I can't believe that she is 10, she makes me feel so old, she has grown into such a beautiful young lady and makes me so proud. M'Tali I want you to know how proud I am to be your mom, you are such a wonderful example to all of us, we love you so much.
M'Tali loves the Utah Jazz, I think she is the biggest fan ever, so of course that is what she wanted on her cake.

UTAH JAZZ!!! Dad went and ordered her cake for her and told her that he got her a princess cake so she was really surprised when it was the JAZZ!!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday M'Tali I had alot of fun going to lunch with you and then spending the day shopping... just us girls...I love you so much!!