Friday, June 18, 2010

Logan's First Birthday Photo Shoot!!!

This one is my most favorite!!! I just love the look on his face, this is one of the last ones we did besides the cake ones and he was getting really fussy so we gave him some treats, but the look on his face truly captured his true personality!!!!

Logan's "NEW" Binky

When Logan was born, I said that I would not give him a Binky, none of my other kids would ever take a Binky and I liked that I never had to take it away from them, but when he was in the hospital the first time, they told me that it could be a great comfort for him because he had to stay under the lights for his jaundice ALL the time, he could only come out every three hours for a half hour to eat, so I gave in and let him have it.......Then the nightmare began, he LOVES his Binky, he had to have it ALL the time, 24/7. He would even wake up in the middle of the night and cry because he didn't have it. I have to admit it was kind of nice at times, if he ever got fussy we would give him a Binky and he would stop crying it was like magic, we even called it his mute button, and it even got to the point where we called it his oxygen tank because he COULD NOT live without it. I told Josh that when he turned a year old the Binky was GONE, that he would not be allowed to have it anymore, so just a few days before he turned a year old I throw them all away, yes he was extremely fussy and threw MAJOR fits and it was so hard to not be able to comfort him at times, but I LOVED looking at his face and not seeing that big green Binky in his mouth. It's been about three weeks so far and it's going pretty good, I THOUGHT that he might have forgotten all about his Binky until this morning when he woke up at 6:45 and I was so tired from working late last night, so I put him in bed with me and he got REALLY REALLY fussy, but then about thirty seconds later he was quit so I look over at him wondering why he was so quit and ....................

He had found a "NEW Binky. He has been teething a lot lately and was running a slight fever the other night so we gave him some infants Tylenol and we must have left it on our bed, he found it and used the rubber end of it as his new Binky!!!! Guess I was all wrong, he hadn't forgotten all about it!!!