Monday, January 19, 2009

So I put the poll on my blog to see what people thought we were going to have but for some reason it doesn't tell who voted or for what they voted for, so if you could please let me know if you voted and for what you voted for I would really appreciate it....I just want to know who voted for what...THANK YOU!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

M'Tali's 1st Ski lesson

This is M'Tali's first time skiing, she absolutely loves it and says it's the BEST!!

She did really good, I am so proud of her!!

Oh ya she is the one in the light blue snow suit.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Special Spirit!!

The Special Spirit of Keegan Jay Waston, infant son of Katy and Jason Watson returned back to our Heavenly Father after spending 5 days here on earth with his parents.
Katy is one of my friends and my heart breaks for her, may the spirit that Keegan brought to both of you carry you through this trial. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily.
Katy and Jason are asking for donations so that they may provide a head stone for the newborn son if anyone can help please visit this web site for more information.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


The kids love to go sledding at the cabin, we take them to a hill and they go up and down all day long...we have to beg them to go back in when we are freezing. Josh, M'Tali, and Mckenzie(Josh's Cousin)...this is how we get them to the top of the hill.

Dallin and Riley(Josh's Cousin)....Dallin loves to go down the hill with Riley, I think they went down almost evertime together...Dallin wouldn't go with anyone else.

Dakoda is our little snowboarder...he would go down on his sled standing up on it....I guess we'll have to get him a snowboard and some lessons now!!!

Our little dare devil...he fall a few times but that didn't stop him, he just got up and did it again!!

NeW YeArS EvE At ThE CaBiN!!

We love to go to the cabin every New Years Eve, the kids have so much fun and I couldn't imagine spending New Years any other way!! It is such a fun tradition!!
...NO the kids are not drinking alcohol, they love to drink the sparkling Cider from the bottles as the adults drink theirs from plastic cups, the love that they get to do their cheers with the big bottles. The kids spend do much time outside sledding, that we build a fire in the pit and they can get warm without having to come in all the time to get warm, we just keep them drinking hot chocolate and they stay outside all day long. The kids had alot of fun with their cousins Carter and Kaylee.

What a cute little face...Dakoda collected all the paper stuff that came out of the poppers that they popped and put them all over him... this picture only shows about half of what he had on him

Now this is what trouble looks like...only a little cuter:) Just kidding

I think the sea monster ate M''Tali!! at least I think that is M'Tali
We had so much fun at the cabin, we look forward to it every year, we enjoy ever time we go to the cabin, but the New Years celebrations is one that we look forward to ALL year long.