Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our VERY sick little monkey!!!

February 17th Logan became very sick. I had taken him to the Dr. the day before and she told me he had a slight case of croup and started him on a steroid. Later that night he got really sick and could hardly breath. We thought about taking him to the emergency room but decided to wait it out till morning. Logan would not wake up at all on Thursday morning and had not eaten or had anything to drink for 24 hours, by 12:00pm Thursday afternoon I decided that I was going to take him back to the Dr. I got ready and by 1:00 was at the Dr. office and they had him hooked up to a monitor that was registering his heart rate and oxygen and his heart rate was so high that they were worried he was going to go into cardiac arrest(normal is around 90 and his was 200), so they started him on oxygen and gave him some Tylenol because his fever was 103 and immediately called an ambulance and with lights and sirens took him to Utah Valley. Once there they gave him an epi treatment which is just an oxygen treatment with steroids to help open up his lungs. Within 30 minutes of having his epi treatment he was needing another one to help with his breathing, so they gave him another treatment and decided that it would be best to have him transferred to Timp hospital for insurance purposes(my insurance doesn't cover Utah Valley) and have him admitted in the pediatric unit. So another ambulance ride and we were in the pediatric unit receiving oxygen and another epi treatment. Logan was SO dehydrated that they could hardly draw blood or start an IV. After 9 pokes he finally was receiving fluid. Within a few hours his blood work came back and his white blood cells were so critically low that his body was producing premature white blood cells. They took his temp again and he was still at 103 even after receiving 2 doses of Advil. The Dr. thought that maybe he might have Meningitis because his fevers were so high but she didn't want to do a spinal tap just yet because he didn't have all the sign of it. An hour later they took his Temp again and it was up to 106. She then decided that he needed to be life flighted up to Primary Children's hospital. I called Josh and my dad and they came up to the hospital and my dad gave Logan a blessing and within 15 minutes Logan was on life flight on his way to the pediatric ICU at Primary's. We spent 10 days there trying to recover from severe croup, Influenza B, and Laryngitis. It was so hard to watch him be so sick and know that there was nothing that I could do to help him except to hold him and comfort him the best I could. Thank you everyone who prayed for Logan during this very scary time and for all the meals that were brought into my family.

Life flight getting ready to take off with my very sick little boy. I had a video of life flight but it wouldn't load on my blog!!!

Logan receiving some oxygen before life flight came to pick him up.

Logan broke out with this rash all over his body and they couldn't figure out why. They tested him for every virus out there and all of them except the croup and influenza came back negative.
Logan hated the breathing treatments so we tried to do them while he was asleep.

Logan slept a lot the first 4 days
His oxygen kept dropping so they had to give him oxygen and he hated it, he would only keep it in while he was asleep.
Logan was so sick he didn't know what was going on most of the time. If you look close at his arms you can see all the bruises from all the IV's and blood tests they had to do. He was poked over 25 times and they finally said if he needed another IV he would have to be sedated and a PIC line would have to be put in.
He was so sick of being there and was so miserable.
DAD!!!! I want to come home, come and get me!!!! This was the morning we got to go home Logan looked so much better but still had really bad laryngitis and still had a little bit of croup.
I don't have a picture of it, but on his 6th night I believe, Logan's heart rate dropped really low and they couldn't get it to come back up so they had cardiology come and do an EKG to make sure he wasn't going into heart failure from all this. He had 12 different leads on his tiny little chest. Thankfully the EKG came back normal and everything was fine with his heart.