Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baseball/Softball Season

So I'm not very good at taking my camera to events that we have, but I just happened to grab it this one day.
We signed M'Tali up for softball again this year, but when we showed up to practice, we realized that they had accidentally signed her up for boys baseball and not girls softball, but she decided that she wanted to play baseball even though she would be the only girl, not only on the team, but would be the only girl in the whole league. She actually ended up playing both in the end, but played more baseball games then she did softball games. Her softball team took 1st place in the city tournament, and they went to state tournament, which meant that we had to sit in the heat for 2 days, but it was fun to see her play!!!!!
After playing both baseball and softball, we decided that even though baseball was a good experience for her, we are going to stick with softball, because she can go farther in softball then she can baseball. Girls can't play baseball once they get into high school, they have to play softball!!
We are hoping to get her on an accelerated team this year!!!!

This is the only picture that I have of her playing!!!!