Thursday, July 31, 2008


One of our favorite camping spots is potter's pond, It is up fairview canyon about a two hour drive from here. The area is amazing, we have made it into one of our yearly traditions. M'Tali posing in front of our trailer. M'Tali, Koda, and Cole loved this puppy his name is Merf and they wouldn't let him go all weekend. The kids weren't able to ride their fourwheelers all weekend cuz we fould out that they have to be eight years old to drive them and they have to be certified(they have to take a safety class) so the rangers wouldn't let them ride or we would have gotten a $100.00 ticket for each one of them, we will wait a few weeks till Dallin turns eight and go get them certified so we don't have anymore problems. So this little seven week old puppy kept them entertained all weekend.
Josh and his cousin Ryan.

M'Tali and Kade playing together, they had so much fun all weekend together. One of our friends Aaron played 500 ( a football game where you throw the ball up and yell out any number from 1-500 and whoever catches the ball gets that many points) with them all weekend, thanks Aaron for entertaining them. This is part of potters pond, I took this as we were leaving the potter's pond area. This is how pretty it is up there, we couldn't have asked for a better weekend to go it rained a little bit just enough to keep the dust down. I can't wait till we are able to go again next year, we had so much fun.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Posting....

So as many of you know, both me and Josh come from a very patriotic family, we both have had family members service in the military, and Josh has a cousin that just got back from Iraq and he has a cousin that is still in why this random posting??? I was driving home from work today and a song came on the radio called"Just A Dream" by Carrie Underwood, The song was about a girl that had just turned 18(young I know) and instead of going to the church to get married she going there for the funeral of what I'm assuming was her boyfriend, maybe fiance that was killed in a war...the song was so good I was crying and couldn't hardly see to drive home. When I got home I found the song and added it to my play list, So as you listen to this song, I ask that you just remember our service men and women that serve for OUR freedom, include them and their families in your prayers.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


This year we got the chance to get M'Tali tickets to the stadium of fire to see Miley Cyrus. She was so excited, we kept it a secret until that night, we gave her the tickets right before it started, she was so excited she almost started crying(I think she did cry, but she said she didn't). We were on the 16th row on the field. M'Tali standing behind Shawn Bradley who played with the BYU basketball team.( He let us take a picture of her with him, but I took it with my camera and after we were done she wanted it with her camera to so she just stood there while I took it, it gives you the general idea of how tall he is anyways, after I get my pictures developed I'll post it)
The blue man group was awesome, they were so entertaining.
MILEY CYRUS....of course this was M'Tali's highlight of the evening, she was in heaven, and I was to, being able to see her and the excitement she had being able to see Miley in concert...It truly was a dream come true for both of us. We both had a ton of fun being able to spend some quality mother-daughter time together. I just want M'Tali to know how much I love her and how proud I am of her.


Koda and Cole at the fourth of July Parade....Best buddies M'Tali, Dallin, and Koda at the parade....We had a lot of fun at the parade as we do every year. This year it was just me and the kids, we met Josh's cousin and her kids, his aunt and his grandpa there. Josh had to was good money but we missed him.
The military is always one of my favorite parts of the parade. They sacrifice so much so that we can live in this free country. Josh's cousin Greg is serving in Afghanistan and will be there for about a year. He left two kids and a wife to help protect America. Our thougths and prayers are with him and his wife Lisa and their family and all the military men and women as they are away from home. We pray for a safe return for all of them.

And of course M'Tali's favorite float in the parade was the jazz float....since she is the BIGGEST jazz fan ever!!!
We hope you all had a safe and fun 4th...our was amazing!!!