Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of School

So the kids went back to school on Wednesday August 20th and part of me is so excited to have them there and part of me is really sad that they are back in school....I'm glad cuz now I don't have to worry about a babysitter for them, even though my mom, mother in law, and sister watched them all summer(Thank you guys for that I really appreciate it and don't know what I would have done without all of you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart), and now on my days off and I can get more done cuz the kids are in school, but I'm sad cuz now summer is over, and now we have to get back into a routine, of early bed times, homework, etc, etc. I love to be able to just let them relax and enjoy being a kid...I'm also sad cuz it means they are moving up one grade, they are growing so fast, M'Tali is in fourth grade, Dallin is in second, and Koda is in his last year of preschool, even though M'Tali will stay at Freedom Academy till she goes to High School, which seems like FOREVER, but me and Josh were talking the other night and she only has this year and FOUR more years!!! FOUR MORE I can't believe it she is growing up so fast.

Isn't he the cutest second grader ever!! She is the cutest(and probably the tallest) fourth grader.
Aren't they so cute in their uniforms....I love that wear uniforms, it makes shopping so much easier, there is no arguing about wether I like it or not, if they can wear it to school then they get to buy it, if not I don't. Plus I don't have to worry about wether or not they match all they can wear is blue and khaki pants and red, white, or blue polos, or any shirt in that color that has a collar on it....I LOVE IT!!
Dallin in his Dallin wanted every picture taken of him, he want one of him putting his backpack on the hook, one of him sitting their, he even wanted me to take a picture of one of his friends, he is still young enough not to be to embarrassed and then there is........
M'Tali who didn't even want me to take one in her classroom, she just wanted to stand there in front of the door and take her picture, so no one would see her getting her picture taken, she is so excited to be in fourth grade, cuz now her class is upstairs, all the grades from 4th to 8th grade are upstairs, she loves that she doesn't have to be downstairs with the "LITTLE KIDS"


Koda loves music and is always singing...he will talk to you and sing what ever he is trying to tell you, so while we were out camping he was singing this little song that he made up, and I filmed him while he pause the music at the bottom and push play....who knows maybe one day he will be the next American Idol

WhAt A WaY To EnD SuMmEr!!!

M'Tali wanted me to take a picture of her in her new swimming suit so that everyone could see it, Its way cute, it also has a skirt that goes with it that matches the top.

M'Tali, Dallin, Koda love to go to yuba, I think it is there favorite spot to camp for one it only takes about an hour and ten minutes to get there, and they are pretty much allowed to play in the water all they want as long as they have their life jackets on...and they pretty much only come out to eat....We love it and this was such a fun way to end summer.

Dallin loves to fish and would sit there for hours and just throw his pole out... leave out there for about ten seconds and then bring it in..cast it back out leave it there for ten seconds bring it back get the idea...he did this for about two hours.
Koda getting ready to go on the tube

This is a fish that Josh's cousins fiance is a Northern Pike and is 40 1/4 inches long...the biggest fish to be taken out of Yuba was 43 inches

OuR LaSt CaMpInG TrIp Of ThE SuMmEr :(

Me, Koda, and my niece Kaylee just "chillin". They both just came out of the water and were so cold and I was trying to get them warm Koda thinks hes hot stuff...ok so do I!!!

Wow..who let these rock stars go camping with us I don't remember bringing them with us!!
"What mom I wasn't going to throw this!" My favorite part of Yuba is being able to jump on the wave runner with the kids and going for a ride on the lake...koda loved the wave runner and was always on it...he was the first one to go on the tube...Me and josh spent all day taking the kids on tube rides it was so much fun, I'm so sad to see summer ending.