Wednesday, May 28, 2008

M'Tali 1st Track Meet

This is M'Tali first time participating in the Hershey 100 track meet. She joined the after school track club at her school and they trained two days a week and got them ready for this track meet, she had alot of fun and wants to take up track as a hobby now, she is so athletic, if she sticks with it she could be such a great athlete. I just want to tell her how proud I am of her, she didn't win first in any of the three event she participated but she never gave up and tried her best, good job M'Tali I am so proud of you!!! This is M'Tali hanging out with her friends before the meet started. Lining up for the 50 meter yard dash. She came in sixth place

Throwing the ball for the softball throw. You had to compete in three events, two had to be track and one had to be a field event, she wanted to do the softball throw instead of the standing long jump. We don't know what place she took because we left before they had it posted but if she received a ribbon they will mail it to us so we will let you know how she did when we find out. Running the 100 meter yard dash, she came in last place but did really good. I would never even think about doing this, she makes me so proud. Way to NOT give up M'Tali!! Keep it up and you can achieve your goals.(Look at those long legs)
Throwing the softball, I think she did really good but I'm a little prejudice:)
M'Tali, me and dad want you now how proud we are of you, we know that you stuggle with certain things in life but you never give up no matter what. You always stick with it and give it your ALL, you are such a wonderful example to me. You teach me that things might not always go the way I want them but it doesn't mean you give up, you keep going and thing WILL work out and be ok. I just want to thank you for being the person you are. Keep being YOU and never change the person you are on the inside. We love you so much and are so proud of all you have accomplished. Love mom and dad.

The END of a LONG weekend:}

We had such a fun, but long weekend with birthday parties, riding four wheelers, having sleepovers, going to bed at midnight, getting up at 7:00 to go to breakfast at uncle Tanner and Aunt Becky's, to visiting the graves, Koda was so tired..this is how he fall asleep.

Memorial Day!!

This is where Dallin got his name from. This is my Grandpa Dallin Ray Bell, he died when I was nine. Me and Grandpa were inseparable, I always had to talk to him every night before I would go to bed, we did everything together, I would always stay in after a Sunday dinner to help him with the dishes while all the kids were outside playing, after we finished he would slip me a dollar and tell me not to tell anyone. I always knew that I wanted to honor my grandpa and name my first son after him. I miss him everyday and hope that Dallin carries on his name with pride, he was such a wonderful man. This is all the kids -1. With the name Bell and....
...Heaps you can't help but have such cute looking kids

After the basketball game we let the kids ride the four wheelers in the field behind our house. M'Tali giving Koda a ride. Dallin cruisin' around like he owns the place.
Who's turn is it now?? With only two four wheelers and seven kids, we all had to take turns but we all wanted to ride at the same time, so I think it's.....who knows who's turn it is???
Best Buddies!! Dallin and Zacky waiting their turns.
"It's my turn Now!!" Look at those eyes patiently waiting his turn. We had alot of fun with all the kids, all our cousins were here(M'Tali, Dallin, Koda, Kaydee, Zack, Levi, Taya, and Jayden). Happy Birthday Jami, we hope you had a good day!!

Jami's 30th Birthday Party

After we all ate dinner they guys and Jami decided to start a basketball game. Who said white men can't jump??
Josh wide open takes a shot A.J. trying to steal the ball from Jami.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


This is kodas room before we painted it. It had a noahs ark theme that was already there when we moved in last year, It was really cute but it was more of a nursery theme. I finally got around to painting it. Now it's...

.....AND AFTER!!!

....A big boys room. Koda really love ships and so we decided to do a nautical theme. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to paint it red or blue..the easiest solution?? Paint it both. My sister helped me with the shelf that goes all the way around his room and with the painting, I couldn't have done it without her..THANK YOU SO MUCH JAMI for helping me, you are amazing and I really appreciate all your help. It turned out really cute, I absolutley love it and so does koda. These pictures don't do the room justice. I'm always looking for ships or anything nautical so if anyone sees anything for a good deal let me know Thank You!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Koda wanted to take off his training wheels even though he didn't know how to ride his bike without them(one was already broken off) but Josh couldn't do it right then like Koda wanted, so he took matters into his own hands and bent them all the way up so that they didn't touch the ground...I thought it would take him forever to learn to ride without them but I watched to see if he would be able to do it or if we would end up at the hospital...He got on all by himself and off he went... I can't believe he did it himself and on the first attempt...YA NO MORE TRAINING WHEELS, GOOD JOB KODA!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I took ALOT of pictures while we were in New York but these next two are the ones that really represent the horrible day of September 11th and I really wanted everyone to see these pictures. The 343 on this doesn't represent any of the department numbers that are in New York, It represents the number of men and women fire fighters that died that day. This was such an amazing way to honor all of those that gave their lives that day and a wonderful reminder of those that protect our country every day so that we can ALL live in this free country we call home.