Thursday, May 13, 2010

crazy hair, drool, and happy baby

These pictures crack me up, he is drooling all over and his puckered up little lip is so cute, I know I'm mean but I couldn't help but laugh at him!!!!
Then I gave him the cover of my lens and he was all happy again, like I said he's the happiest boy around as long as he gets what he wants
The faces that he pulls make me laugh, he is such a cute little kid that if he had any cheeks to pinch I'd probably pinch them all day. I love spending the day with him. He makes life so worth it when the heartache is so strong. How could you not just look at this little boy and be happy!!!

Logan loves just being in his diaper. If it was up to him he wouldn't ever get dressed, so on the days that I'm not going anywhere in the morning I let him hang out in just his onsies!!!! It's hard to believe that he is almost a year old. Where does time go??? They grow up so fast!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Get her away from me!!!!

Avery is such a cute little girl, but can be the biggest bully. Logan has learned that he doesn't like her around him because she loves to beat him up, so when my brother was at my house helping me do a few things we put them both in Logan's crib and he did not like that one bit. He was so mad that she was so close to him that he started throwing the biggest fit.

"Maybe if I pinch him no one will know it was me because he's already crying"

The look on his face makes me laugh it's like he's saying "If I could get you out of here, I would "These 2 are so cute together, they are 2 months apart and will hopefully grow up to be good friends, If she stops beating him up that is.

It's Hard Without you!!!

This is the first Mother's day without you and it was a very hard and emotional day. It just wasn't the same without you here. The kids were so excited to give me the gifts that they had made for me at school first thing in the morning, and it reminded me of all the things that I had made for you while I was still in school. You taught me so much about motherhood and now I'm faced to practice those without you here. We Love you so much and even though you weren't here in person, we know you were here with us to celebrate you as OUR mom. We are so thankful that you continue to watch over us. I hope that I can continue your legacy with my children and that we will keep you memory alive. The kids talk about you all the time and there are days that I watch Logan and it breaks my heart to know that he will never know you, he will never be able to sit around and share his "remember whens" about you. I know you know how much we miss you, so I guess I can't say "you have no idea how much, because you witness the tears each day!!! I love you, Happy Mothers day Mom!!!

Logan was named after my grandpa Bell. Since I had already used the name Dallin I decided that since Grandpa grew up in Logan Utah, I would name him Logan Ray.

We love to decorate mom's grave for each holiday. Someone once asked us why we do it, and we said that this is the only way that we have to include her in on what ever holiday we are celebrating. So mom I hope you enjoy the decoration we did for you on Mother's Day!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This year M'Tali got to perform with her school at the Hope of America, it was a great program and we had a very fun, but late night as a family!!! Thanks dad for coming and supporting M'Tali.

M'Tali is the on the top row of the white stripe, third person over!!!

Students from about 32 school perform in this program, all the students wear shirts to make a flag, this was M'Tali's 2nd time performing in it but it was our first time being able to watch it. The first time her and Dallin were in it we were in New York, it was such a fun night and they did such a good job, we are so proud of you M'Tali!!!!