Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Last Friday February 5Th was mom's 51st birthday, to celebrate it, I let the kids miss school, and we went and got some balloons and flowers and took them up to her grave. Mom's favorite colors were purple and yellow, so I made some wreaths that were purple and yellow pansies, and found some really pretty yellow flowers to put in the pots in the ground. Dad got her the pretty flowers right in front. We know she was smiling down at how beautiful it looked. Later that night we got together and had dinner, Jami made some really yummy chicken Alfredo.
Mom, we miss you more then you could imagine, we feel you with us all the time and know how much you love us. We wish more then anything you are here to celebrate this with us, but as hard as it is to understand, you were needed else where, even though it doesn't stop the tears. Life has been so hard without you here, so many times I've wanted to pick up the phone and talk to you about it. Some days I even find it hard to get out of bed knowing I have to face another day without you. I know I've said it before but there are things that all the kids are doing that we would love to share with you. Logan and Avery are getting so big. Logan is starting to pull himself up to things and will be walking before we know it. M'Tali is doing so good in basketball this year, and you wouldn't believe how good Dakoda is doing on his reading. Dallin is doing so good is school it's amazing. Our hearts ache each day for you to be apart of all this. The trials that we have had to go through without you are almost unbearable, but we know you watch over us all the time. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you so much!!!

We got a birthday cake and let all the kids blow out the candles!!