Monday, October 19, 2009


Today was Dakoda's 6Th birthday. Dakoda is such a fun loving boy, he is easy going, quite, easy to get along with, and such a good little boy.
When koda got up this morning I wished him a Happy Birthday and gave him his kisses, then he told me that he's 6 now, but he's still going to be a talker till the day he dies, He is the biggest talker that I have ever seen in my life, that kid will go on and on and on, he asks questions after questions, and if you don't answer he asks till you answer him. Some of the questions he asks just amazes me he has a wonderful memory and imagination. He sometimes gives me a headache with his non stop talking. He loves to organize everything, he is always organizing his room, books, toys, shoes, my kitchen, the bathrooms, my cupboards, he will even sit in the cart when we go shopping and organize the groceries, and then organize them once we put them up on the belt, everything has to be organized for Dakoda.
Both me and Josh had the day off work and the kids were out of school, so for his birthday we went up to my mom's grave to put some decorations on there for Halloween/Fall, then we went to lunch to Brick Oven. My dad had the day off work so he came with us., Thanks dad for making Dakodas day so special.
I am so proud of Dakoda for all that he does, he is such a great help, and an amazing son I don't know what I would without him. We love you so much "Koda Bear" We hope you had a wonderful birthday.