Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of School

The kids went back to school today and it was so nice that Logan was able to take a nap and not have them bug him, but it was also sad that summer is over and we have to get back to a routine again, and that I have to go back to work soon. We are planning one last camping trip this weekend to finish up the summer at Yuba, I'm kinda excited to take one last camping trip as a family but Yuba is where we were when my mom past away, it's our favorite spot to camp, but it will be hard to go back.

They are so happy to go to school, they even got up early!! They kept asking "Is it time to go yet, now is it time to go??" Can we go now??

M'Tali is in the 5th grade, I can't believe how fast she is turning into such a young lady, she is such a big help to me and loves to be a mini mom.
Her favorite part of today was of course recess...but then she said that's ALL we did!!
Dallin is in the 3rd grade and is so excited to see all of his friends, he gets along so well with everyone...
His favorite part was taking a test....I promise that's what he said!!! LOL
Dakoda is in kindergarten and will be attending all day, It's hard to believe that he will be at school all day long.... I don't know what I will do without him here, he's been home with me in the afternoons for almost 6 years.
His favorite part of today was eating lunch at school, and the magic trick that his teacher did.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Dallin at one year old Dallin at 9 Years old

Dallin's birthday was Thursday August 13th, we had a really fun day, we went to see Monsters vs Aliens, Then we went to back to school night so the kids could meet their teachers, then we took them to dinner at Brick Oven. Dallin me and dad want you to know how proud we are of you, and for your hard work, we want you to know how much your Great Grandpa Dallin Ray Bell is proud of you for carrying on his name he loves you so much, We want you to know how much your grandma Heaps loved you, she was so proud to have a grandson named after her dad, she was so proud of you being the oldest grandson, Know that she is always with you, we love you so much and can't wait to see what life brings you. Always try your hardest and you will do great things. Love Mom and Dad

Sunday, August 9, 2009


SUNDAY: We had Logans blessing, it was a really good turn out and it was so nice to see some of my family and friends that I haven't seen in awhile. His full name is Logan Ray Young, we chose the name Logan because we wanted his name to have meaning, Dallin was named after my grandpa Dallin Ray Bell, Who was the best Grandpa to me, so I wanted his name to have some kind of connection to him. Grandpa grew up in Logan Utah so I figured that the name Logan would be a wonderful way of continuing his legacy and of course his middle name was Ray.
Dad, I just want to thank you for the wonderful blessing that you gave Logan, and for the spirit that you provided all of us, I know how hard it was for you, being the first baby blessing that you've had to do since mom past away, there aren't any words I can say to show how much I appreciate you being able and willing to provide him with such a spiritual blessing. I love you so much.

MONDAY: We took the kids to Deer Creek to play in the water, some of Josh's Family came up with us, it was alot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it.

M'Tali relaxing on the blow up Island

Dakoda and Boomer swimming in the water....He loves dogs and would not leave this dog alone

M'Tali, Jorden and Kade get along so well they are inseparable, they love to spend time with each other.

"See mom we really can get along" These two boys love to fight with each other, but can also get along so well when they try!!

WEDNESDAY: For Dallin's pack meeting they had these box car's basically a box made into a car and they race around the was really cute and fun he really enjoyed it.

And also on Wednesday we got a new baby Niece. Avery was 6 LBS 11 OZ and 18 inches long...she is the cutest little girl ever...they almost looks the same size. Logan better start growing or his little girl cousin will "beat him down" in the words of Dakoda. Congrats A.J. and Missy she is so beautiful.

THURSDAY: Logan was admitted back in the hospital, this time we were sent up to Primary Children's Medical Center, he still wasn't gaining weight at 2 months of age he was only weighing 7LBS 14 OZ, (he weighed 9 lbs at birth), and was throwing up everything he was eating, so they sent him up there to be seen by a Gastroenterologist pediatric specialist. They ran a bunch of tests, including an upper GI, some blood work, and an EKG. They found out that the opening at the bottom of his esophagus and the opening at the bottom of his stomach don't open and close when they are supposed to which was causing all his formula to come back up, plus he has severe acid reflux which we were already aware of..The EKG found that the right ventricle of his heart will slow down and drop his heart rate really's called RVH, He doesn't need surgery and it should heal on his own, we just have to make sure he doesn't get to cold or do to much physically which can cause his heart rate to drop. His Liver enzymes came back elevated, they will do an ultrasound on his liver later after his weight comes backup a little. As for the throwing up we have to thicken his formula with rice cereal so that it doesn't come back up. I am so thankful that they finally found out what was wrong and for all the prayers that were offered for Baby Logan. Thank You Dad for the wonderful blessing that you gave Logan before we went up to the hospital. We really hate hospitals!!

SATURDAY: We finally get to go home!! Yay