Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEVER leave a 19 month old unsupervised!!!

Why do you ask?? Because they will do stuff like this.

Logan was playing in my room today and it got really quite, when I went to check on him (He had only been up there for about 2 minutes) this is how I found him. Logan loves lotion and gets it put on him everyday so of course it is always just sitting around and he found it and decided to put it on himself. When I grabbed my camera he sat there and said "cheese". Luckily I found him before he had emptied the whole bottle(30oz).

Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Zombie

Logan's hair is getting so long that he is often mistaken for a girl. Almost daily we hear comments like "your girl is so cute" or " your little girls eyes are so adorable", or "oh she is such a doll" I guess he's just a really adorable little boy. Even if he wakes up looking like a zombie, he has the craziest hair when he gets up. But even though people think he's a girl and he has crazy morning hair we still love him, and couldn't imagine life without him.

Cold, Snow,Sleds, Hot Chocolate = Family Memories!!!

Josh loves this time of year and all the wildlife that our great state has. On our way up to the cabin, we saw over 300 elk, about 50 deer, 2 turkeys, and 1 moose, but Josh loves this picture of an Elk that we saw on our way home from the cabin, he was way up on the top of this ridge but it was so amazing to watch him try to walk in all that snow.Logan actually is in this picture but with all the snow you can't see him, he really loved sledding until M'Tali blasted him in the face with snow then he was done.
Dallin loves to sled and spent about 8 hours outside. By the time he came in his gloves were frozen solid.
Dakoda is so proud of this picture and will show it to anyone that will look at it. He is such a snowboarder, and has been since he was about 4. He wants his own snowboard and passes next year. He thought he was so cool when I showed him this picture.

See, Logan really did love sledding. The smile on his face just makes me laugh. He kept wanting to go up and down up and down as long as someone pulled him up in the sled. Luckily he has a really nice sister and cousin that was so willing to make sure he had a good time. M'Tali is such a good sister she took him up and down for about an hour. Logan is at such a fun age, everything that he does is something new and makes us laugh. He is so entertaining.
We love being able to create these memories with our kids and hope that these traditions are passed down to their kids. We love to talk about the things we've done in the past years!!!

Christmas Day

We all had a wonderful Christmas this year. Last year after mom died we decided to have my dad move in with us, so this was the first year having him here for Christmas and we all love that he was able to spend Christmas morning with our family. The kids got a ton of stuff for Christmas.

M'Tali got a new camera and a laptop, of course I don't have a picture of her with her laptop, but it is way cute and she loves it. She also got some softball gear, a new hoodie, a new skateboard, and some pajamas.
Dallin got a new shot gun, I was a little apprehensive about getting this for him because I thought he was way to young to get a gun, but Josh talked me into it and he loves it he also got some WII games, some new shoes and a new skateboard. Now Josh can take him bird hunting. Both him and M'Tali are getting ready to take Hunter's safety class since M'Tali will be able to hunt deer this year and Dallin will be able to hunt next year.
Dakoda got a guitar and 2 lessons, he is so excited we can hardly get him to put the guitar away, he also got a new skateboard and a new rip stick that also has scooter handles on it, he also got some new WII games.
Logan got a new trike, blocks, toys, and coloring stuff since he loves to color.
* here is a glimpse of M'Tali's laptop

I think the kids got really spoiled this year since they got almost everything on their Christmas list. After we opened present we got ready and headed to Josh's parents house to open more gifts. They bought us a new Blend Tec blender as a family gift and I LOVE it. After spending a few hours there we headed down to AJ's house to have dinner. I love this time of year and love being able to spend it with so many close family and friends.

Mom's Christmas

This is the second Christmas without mom here, and it wasn't any easier this year then it was last year. We love to be able to include her in on all the celebrations. We love that we all live so close and can bring Christmas to her. Mom's most favorite holiday was Christmas, she always made it so special for all of us, so of course we try to make it just as special for her. Christmas Eve we took the kids up and they each put a luminary on her grave. We miss her SO much and we wish that she was here to celebrate with us.