Monday, January 10, 2011

Cold, Snow,Sleds, Hot Chocolate = Family Memories!!!

Josh loves this time of year and all the wildlife that our great state has. On our way up to the cabin, we saw over 300 elk, about 50 deer, 2 turkeys, and 1 moose, but Josh loves this picture of an Elk that we saw on our way home from the cabin, he was way up on the top of this ridge but it was so amazing to watch him try to walk in all that snow.Logan actually is in this picture but with all the snow you can't see him, he really loved sledding until M'Tali blasted him in the face with snow then he was done.
Dallin loves to sled and spent about 8 hours outside. By the time he came in his gloves were frozen solid.
Dakoda is so proud of this picture and will show it to anyone that will look at it. He is such a snowboarder, and has been since he was about 4. He wants his own snowboard and passes next year. He thought he was so cool when I showed him this picture.

See, Logan really did love sledding. The smile on his face just makes me laugh. He kept wanting to go up and down up and down as long as someone pulled him up in the sled. Luckily he has a really nice sister and cousin that was so willing to make sure he had a good time. M'Tali is such a good sister she took him up and down for about an hour. Logan is at such a fun age, everything that he does is something new and makes us laugh. He is so entertaining.
We love being able to create these memories with our kids and hope that these traditions are passed down to their kids. We love to talk about the things we've done in the past years!!!

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The Lovell's said...

That looks like so much fun! Your family is so adorable!