Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Little Caboose 9*2*11

Easton Bell Young was born September 2nd 2011 at 12:45 pm. He weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20 inches long, He has a little bit of light brown almost blond hair, and looks a lot like Logan when he was a baby, but on some days I can see M'Tali in him as well. We chose his first name because we were having a hard time coming up with a boys name that we both really liked, ALL the names that Josh had come up with I really didn't like, so when he came up with Easton it wasn't my favorite, but it was better then all the other names that he liked, so I agreed that he could name him Easton since I had chosen M'Tali, Dallin and Logan's names. His middle name was chosen for two reasons first I really wanted something that would have a connection to my mom since this is the first baby that I have had that she wasn't here to witness the birth, even though I know she was there in spirit, so we agreed that we would use her maiden name, and the second reason is because it was also my grandpa Bell's last name and I had already used his first name for Dallin and his middle name for Logan which is Ray, His full name is Dallin Ray Bell, so this gave me the opportunity to use his whole name( My grandpa grew up in the Logan area which is where we got Logan's name from)

This is his birth story!!!

On the morning of Friday September 2nd I had a scheduled doctors appointment at 10:00am in Payson. The Dr. came in and checked me and said that I was dilated to a 3 close to a 4, so he said that he wanted to go ahead and do a induction the next morning. Josh had already taken the day off of work so that he could go to the Dr. with me and every year on Labor day weekend, Josh's work has a Union party and Josh had already purchased the tickets for Saturday and was hoping to take the kids for the day and have fun with them, so he asked my doctor if there was anyway that he could induce me then instead of waiting till morning, and he said that if he could get me in at the hospital then he would but if not I would have to wait till morning. He left the room and made a phone call and came back and said that the hospital had a room and we needed to head over to the hospital.
We left the doctors office which is only a block or 2 from the hospital and made our way over to the hospital, at this point I was getting kinda nervous, but I was also really excited that the day was finally here and we were going to have our baby. We checked in downstairs which took about 20 minutes to sign all the papers.
We then headed upstairs to the labor and delivery unit, by now it was about 11:20am. Once we got upstairs the nurses took me into the room to get changed, they then tried to get my I.V. started, but had a hard time because they said I was dehydrated, she blew my first vein and created a big blood pocket under the skin that hurt like crazy. Finally after trying 3 times she was able to get my I.V. in.
At 12:15 my Dr. came in and broke my water and said that the baby was still really high and that he expected me to be in labor for 8-10 hours, but Josh told him I have really fast labors, and that my longest labor was only 3 1/2 hours, but he insisted that this one wasn't going to go as fast.
Within 5 minutes of having him brake my water, I started having really bad contractions, so I asked the nurse if I could get my epidural and she told me that I had to wait till I had finished 3/4 of the bag of saline fluid they were giving me, but that she would turn it up so that I could get the fluid faster, but it would take about 1/2 hour to get the fluid in, so I could get my epidural around 1:00pm.
My contractions were getting really strong and the hand that they had put my I.V. in had started to go numb, and within a few minutes I could hardly move my hand at all, it was like it was paralyzed, so I asked my sister if she would go get my nurse, she went out to find my nurse, but came back and said that she couldn't find her. My hand was hurting so bad but I wasn't able to move it at all, so I pressed the nurses button and asked them to send my nurse in. She came in a few minutes later and all of a sudden I felt like I had to push. I told my nurse and she said she'd check, but she just picked up the paper that keeps track of the babies heart rate and my contractions.
Within seconds I felt like his head was coming, so I told the nurse, and her comment to me was "OK lets check, we've had stranger things happen around here". I really don't think she believed me, she slowly put her gloves on, but I could tell that his head was already out, so I put my hand down towards his head and sure enough I could feel his head, she then took the sheet off of me and sure enough there was his head and his shoulders already out, she told me to not push, the
nurse was trying to call for help but couldn't get anyone so she had my sister pull a cord out of the wall that sends an alarm out to the nurses station, a few minutes later 2 nurses walked in and asked her if she needed help but Easton was not going to wait, he was delivered at 12:45, just 30 minutes of labor, and only about 6 contractions later.
About 5 minutes after he was born, my Dr. walked in and said 8-10 hours what the heck. He was really purple and bruised from coming down the birth canal so fast but other then that he was perfectly healthy.

Easton needed a little bit of oxygen when he was born.

Daddy in the nursery with Easton

Our "Complete family". It's hard to believe that I am a mom to 5 kids.

Mommy and Easton. I was really hoping for a girl to complete our family, but I love this little boy more then words can express. He is such an amazing blessing to our family. I am so thankful for the opportunity we had back in June to take our family to the temple and for the chance I was given to have one of my children born under the covenant. We love this little boy so much!!!!


Tom and Amanda said...

So cute! So awesome! Congrats!

Necia said...

That is amazing story. I am glad he is here and all is well congrats!

Necia said...

congrats that is quite the amazing story i am so happy for you guys and that he is here and part of your fam!!

Janae said...

That is so crazy, Mandi!!! My mom had really fast deliveries too. I'm glad you got him here safe and that you are all doing well. Love ya!

Jessie said...

Oh my goodness! He was so ready to be here! I am glad things went well, and he is just the cutest little guy!