Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eternal Family!!!

Saturday June 4Th 2011 was one of the most amazing days that our family will remember forever. We were all able to go to the Manti Temple and be sealed as family. The day was so beautiful, but it was also a very emotional day. I have waited for this day for my whole life, but I always pictured it a lot different, don't get me wrong besides my wedding day and the birth of my children it was the most memorable day I have ever had, the only thing that wasn't perfect was the fact that one very important person wasn't there. Mom, I know you were there in spirit, but it was always my dream to have you there by my side. The sealing was amazing and of course I cried the whole time. We had a lot of friends and family that came down and supported us and without them it just wouldn't have been the same.

The most beautiful part of the sealing was after me and Josh were sealed they brought the 4 kids in, and that was when I got really emotional. They looked like little angels in all white!!!

Our Forever's hard to believe in a few months we'll be a family of 7

After we were all changed we came out to do a few more pictures, being over 6 months pregnant, and taking pictures in the heat was exhausting so we didn't take to many pictures!!!!
After the sealing we came back to our house and had a luncheon, but of course I didn't take pictures. Thank you to everyone who drove to Manti and supported our family, we couldn't have asked for a better day, and for better family and friends to celebrate with!!!


Tom and Amanda said...

That is sooooo awesome mandi! I'm so happy for you and your eternal family!

Jaime Williams said...

Hey!! So happy for you guys!! Sealings are one of the coolest experiences!!

Britt said...

Congratulations!!! I just picked next blog and saw yours. You look like the cutest family and the sweetest lady! CTR and know God loves you!